Ginger helps nausea caused by cancer treatments

Ginger has been a part of herbal medicine for hundreds of years.  I am delighted to see that now it has been “researched” and therefore, will be used as an easy effective treatment for nausea in cancer patients.

You can use it by brewing ginger tea, taking it in capsules or including it in recipes.

Ginger helps most types of nausea and digestive discomfort.

May 15, 2009
Ginger Found to Ease Nausea of Cancer Treatment

Grandma was right when she recommended ginger for an upset stomach —
at least for cancer patients.

A randomized clinical trial has confirmed what many people suspect —
that ginger can decrease nausea caused by chemotherapy. The effect
goes beyond that provided by standard anti-vomiting drugs.

The results will be presented at the annual meeting of the American
Society of Clinical Oncology, which begins May 29 in Orlando, Fla.
Abstracts of most of the studies to be presented at the conference
were made public Thursday.

The trial, financed by the National Cancer Institute, involved 644
patients, mostly women with breast cancer, who were undergoing
chemotherapy at 23 oncology practices in the United States.

All patients took a standard anti-vomiting drug on each day of
chemotherapy. They also took specially made capsules containing either
extracts of ginger root or a placebo for six days, starting three days
before each round of chemotherapy.

They then rated the severity of their nausea four times a day. Those
taking the ginger had a reduction of about 45 percent in severity
compared with a previous round of chemotherapy in which they did not
take the ginger. Those on the placebo had almost no change, said Julie
L. Ryan of the University of Rochester, the lead author of the study.

Previous studies have yielded inconsistent results. Dr. Ryan said the
new study might have succeeded because the ginger was given before

The best results corresponded to a quarter to a half teaspoon of
ground ginger, she said. She added that either the ginger that comes
in spice bottles or the ginger capsules sold in health food stores
would probably work.

She was less sure about ginger cookies, ginger tea or ginger ale,
though they might if they contained real ginger in the proper amount.
“It’s a higher dose than you would get in one cookie,” she said.


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