Food company skullduggery

Here is a clear example of how big food manufacturers put profits before our children’s health


Is That Right? New Lunchables Are ‘Wholesome’

You’ve got to hand it to the folks at Kraft. They are pretty darned crafty.

The company’s recently added a new line of Lunchables to its repertoire. Earlier incarnations of the packaged-lunch products haveoften been cited as poor choices for kids’ lunches because of all the calories, fat and sodium they contain and the sparse nutrition they offer.

Kraft’s Web site says the new offerings are “wholesome,” which my Webster’s dictionary defines as “promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit” or “promoting health of body.” That’s a very clever way of suggesting health-promoting qualities without actually coming out and making a health claim. “Wholesome” has the added advantage of bringing to mind the word “whole,” which, as applied to foods, is one of the current top buzzwords implying healthfulness.

Kraft notes that its new Turkey + Cheddar Sub Sandwich Lunchables product, for example, now features “spring water” and applesauce, “bread made with whole grain,” “turkey made with 100% turkey breast,” plus 2% cheddar cheese. Rounding out the little lunch is a serving of Mini Nilla wafers and a sleeve of Tropical Punch Kool-Aid powder.

The new package has 360 calories, 70 of them from fat, and 600 milligrams of sodium (25 percent of the Daily Value). This may well be an improvement over the previous turkey-and-cheddar-cracker-basedLunchable, which comes with a 100-percent-juice Capri Sun beverage, has 420 calories, 120 of them from fat, 750 mg of sodium, and just a single gram of fiber. The older cracker variety (the sub sandwich is a new innovation) remains in the lineup.

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