Flaxseed lowers high cholesterol in men

After reading John Abramson’s book Overdosed America, Gary Taubes” book Good Calories, Bad Calories   and scores of articles and studies, I am not  personally very concerned about cholesterol in people who eat primarily nutritious foods, avoid junk, etc.  Nevertheless, I am glad to read about this study which provides some support for the cholesterol lower ability of flax seed.

I suggest that if you want to incorporate flax seeds into your diet that you buy organic whole flax seeds and grind in a coffee or herb grinder just before using.


ScienceDaily (Mar. 30, 2010) — A new study from Iowa State University’s Nutrition and Wellness Research Center (NWRC) may give men a way to combat high cholesterol without drugs — if they don’t mind sprinkling some flaxseed into their daily diet.

Suzanne Hendrich, an ISU professor in food science and human nutrition, led a study that examined the effects of flaxseed lignan in 90 people diagnosed with high cholesterol. The results showed that consuming at least 150 milligrams of flaxseed lignans per day (about three tablespoons) decreased cholesterol in men, but not women, by just under 10 percent over the three months that they were given the flaxseed.

While Hendrich admits that’s considerably less than the expected outcome from cholesterol-lowering drugs — approximately 10 to20 percent for three months, depending on the individual — it’s still enough to make flaxseed a more natural option for some men.

“Because there are people who can’t take something like Lipitor, this could at least give you some of that cholesterol-lowering benefit,” Hendrich said. “The other thing is, there are certainly some people who would prefer to not use a drug, but rather use foods to try to maintain their health. So this potentially would be something to consider.” more at the link

via Flaxseed lowers high cholesterol in men, study suggests.


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