Pet Flea Treatments Can Go Awry

Too bad the chemicals, pesticides and hormones won’t do exactly what we want them to do.  We need to be aware that our solutions can actually lead to problems.

Veterinarian Jerrold Boone sees lots of sick cats and dogs whose owners say the pets were fine before being treated with topical flea and tick medicines. These pets often have red, itchy skin and lose fur where the medicines were applied. Some suffer from fever and vomiting.

“A lot of times, pets will actually lick the actual product and ingest it orally, and that’s when you’ll see a lot of the severe reactions because probably it wasn’t applied correctly,” Boone says. His office found that many people used pesticides on cats that were meant for dogs or applied doses meant for large dogs to small dogs.

The Environmental Protection Agency says tens of thousands of dogs and cats have gotten sick and hundreds have died after flea and tick treatments. The agency says it’s working with manufacturers to improve labels. It’s also urging pet owners to consult their vets, and it’s still investigating whether a few of the products might be toxic.

more via Fido Has Fleas? Be Careful; Treatment Can Go Awry : NPR.


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