Daily routines help with better sleep quality in older adults

No surprises here but it is nice that research is supporting the idea that having regular daily routines help with sleep in the elderly (and I am sure with all ages.)  Other helps that I know of are simple techniques like a warm glass of milk before bed and/or a warm foot bath.

Of course, it also is easier to sleep if you have a good bed, a dark room, etc.

Yes, there are acupuncture treatments , herbal formulas and whole food supplements which offer significant help.

ScienceDaily (Apr. 4, 2010) — A study in the April 1 issue of the journal Sleep found that the maintenance of daily routines was associated with a reduced rate of insomnia and improved quality of sleep in older adults living in a retirement community.

Results of regression analyses indicate that increased stability in daily routine predicted a shorter time to fall asleep, higher sleep efficiency and improved sleep quality. Stability in basic activities such as bathing, dressing and eating was more strongly associated with sleep quality than stability of instrumental activities such as shopping, public transportation use and medical appointments.

According to the authors, routine lifestyle rhythms may be characterized by stability in the timing, frequency and duration of daily activities such as watching TV or reading a book. It is also possible to identify weekly patterns of regularity in activities such as cleaning, exercise and social engagements.

Lead author Anna Zisberg, R.N., M.A., Ph.D., assistant professor at the University of Haifa in Mt. Carmel, Israel, said that the findings highlight the importance of developing lifestyle regularity as a means for maintaining good sleep quality…. more at the link

Maintaining regular daily routines is associated with better sleep quality in older adults.


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