Five OTC drugs to avoid

Here are 5 popular OTC meds you should avoid, and better alternatives. I bet most of you use one or more of these. Neosporin, Topical Vitamin E, Afrin nasal spray (or other short acting nasal decongestant sprays), daily headache medications, and sedating antihistamines….

1. Neosporin: Neosporin in the most popular OTC topical antibacterial medication in America. It is very popular, and very profitable for Johnson & Johnson, but they don’t tell you that up to 25% of people who use it repeatedly can develop a contact dermatitis (like poison ivy reaction) from its use. A much better option is generic bacitracin. Most ERs and our office no longer use Neosporin, and I recommend against its use for my patients…

4. Daily use of headache pain medications: Rebound headaches are what keeps specialty headache clinics in business. People with rebound headache have daily or nearly daily headaches, that are intolerable if they don’t take their daily headache meds, but in fact are caused by withdrawal from the daily headache medication use.

If you go to a headache specialty clinic you will almost always come away with orders to stop your OTC headache med use for a month, and report back. Most patient’s headaches are much reduced or gone after they withdraw from their Tylenol, aspirin-tylenol combinations, or other OTC headache meds. Rebound headache is especially a problem for people with migraine headaches, who are particularly prone to rebound headaches…

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